The Tree, Through the Seasons

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen some picture of this tree, in ads, here on NPN, elsewhere. It’s certainly one of the most photographed trees in Portland Oregon. This is a Japanese Maple in the Portland Japanese Garden, known as “The Tree.” Most of the time you’ll see images of this tree in its glorious fall color dressing. It’s pretty funny to see the long line of photographers waiting to shoot the tree in the fall.

There’s pretty much only one composition–down low under the canopy to get the artistic structure of the trunk and branches.

I’m posting this in the Landscape Showcase although it is truly a human-cultivated piece of nature.

I also want to share some images from other seasons to show that Fall isn’t the only time the tree shows its photogenic self.

Here’s Winter:

This image was selected as the featured image in the 2020 Portland Japanese Garden calendar (March).

Rare Early Spring Snowfall:

Even in Summer, she shows her stuff:

As a side note, I rejoined the Japanese Garden as a photography member in 2019. I had been spending a lot of time in downtown Portland doing street and cityscape photography. But after several uncomfortable confrontations and an almost robbery I decided I needed someplace safer to go. I visited the garden a total of 59 times in 2019. Got a lot of images :grinning:

Technical Details

Composite: No

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David, thank you for sharing this wonderful series of images of “The Tree”. I love them all!
… and they would be great hanging on a wall side by side.