The Unveiling

Sand Dollar being uncovered on Cannon Beach.

105mm, f5.6, 1/100, Handheld
Any comments appreciated.

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Dan: Really well seen and superb lighting. The sand textures are wonderful. You’ve been posting some high quality stuff lately. Many kudos.>=))> :+1::+1:

Thanks, Bill
I retired a couple months ago and have a lot more time for photography…
Fun to have time to do other things like floral, Macro etc,
Who knows, in time I might get good at this,
I Appreciate the comments.
I have to say, more people should try Macro, you don’t need magic hour and you can do it while waiting for magic hour, which is what this was.
I should also acknowledge this was a set up. I found the sand dollar while walking the beach to set up for Landscape photos, I pulled out the Macro lens, placed it at the on the sand at high water edge and waited for the wave to come in and wash over.

I like the interplay of light, waves and sand. Still details in the sand dollar as well. Good catch.

Dan, you’re timing (and positioning) are excellent here. The mix of rippled water and clear look at the sand dollar pattern is great. The extra brightness on the left from the water’s shape is also a fun addition.

This is just awesome, Dan. Great job seeing the possibilities in this and executing flawlessly. This is one of those images that would be great on a wall because there’s so much going on to demand repeated attention. I love the fine detail in the sand and the sand dollar, the structure of the ripples, the play of the light, and the flowing sand on the lower left. I wouldn’t change a thing on this one. Superb work.

OK, flag on the play for this being a set-up! Penalty is to send me the RAW file and all rights. :scream::wink:

Well seen!