The Veil

It’s been a while since I both get some time to took some pictures and post a picture here.

Type of Critique Requested

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Not sure if all that white on the left side breaks the image balance; but the idea is that the White and the black/dark ,are even.

Technical Details

Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200


Beautiful image. No suggestions here. I like the balance, feel and mood of the image and the processing looks spot on to my eye.

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I really like this one, Joao. The evenly split whites and blacks is what makes this so interesting. I also love the sharp edged rock in the upper third of the image that the water is cascading over which adds a huge focal point to the image. The shutter speed works pretty well although I would prefer a little more texture in the water coming off that one focal point rock but that’s a very minor nit pick. All in all, a really lovely image.

Beautiful work indeed. Particularly the bottom half.

Hi João,
I like such detailed shots of waterfalls very much. And I myself always find it very difficult to find a good crop in the field that I will also like later on the screen.

But you’ve done a really great job here. I can’t find anything to criticize. You have found a very good balance between lights and darks.

Great image, and wonderful presentation. Nice to see you again.

Works just fine for me, Joao. This has a very nice balance between the whites and blacks and I particularly like the water details in the bottom third of the image. No suggestions from me.


So glad you were able to find some time to photograph, AND great to see you able to post here again.

What a beautiful and graceful image. The whispy water at the bottom is just gorgeous - and a great choice to go with the b&w. I like the contrast and that you have held just enough detail in the rock. This is just wonderful.

My only thought might be a bit of a crop off the left and just a little off the top (to retain a similar format ratio); mostly because the lines in the water nearer the left edge, as well as the brighter whitewater bottom left, have little detail/texture. I did a slight crop and I don’t think think that crop is too detrimental. Then again, this is quite beautiful as presented.


Thank you for your comment Lon, but if you look closely , you will see that the photo is in color…

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Thank you for your comment David. I did try a lot of different shutter speed, especially to deal with the water on bottom, mainly around the little rock. On the field this picture will be a blend of two different shutter speeds, but on the computer I decide to keep this on as it is. I usually try not to exaggerate on the"silk effect" , but on this case I think it works. I did some dodging and burning specifically on the area you just mention.

Outstanding, Joao. Last month when Eric Bennet was doing critiques, I asked him about originality and I thought his response was very interesting. He said that when it comes to assessing originality, he asks himself whether, if he had been there would he have seen the same thing as is shown in the photograph? In the case of your image, Joao, if a hundred photographers were standing within ten feet of where you were when you made this image, I sincerely doubt a one of them would have come up with this. It is so moody. The white on the left is beautifully balanced by the dark on the right. And the dark area has just enough hints of detail to give the image a sense of mystery. But, surprisingly, what makes this image sing for me, is that small rock, perfectly placed in the frame, foreground, lower right. It offers a sense of scale that draws me into the frame, while both adding balance and at the same time, breaking the symmetry, giving the image an added level of dynamism. I would certainly hang this image on my wall and look at it often. Truly masterful, one of the very best images I have seen on this site since I’ve been here.

Kerry; that´s exactly how I saw it, and wanted to show.

For the rest thank you for your truly nice words.

Thank you all for your comments and critiques.

Hey Really special image here. Reminds me of a waterfall that’s close by my house. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but white carries more weight than black because it draws more attention to the eye. Now I like the idea of having even black and white in the composition so I wouldn’t change this one, but just something to keep in mind down the road. Nicely done!

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This so beautiful and elegant João! Perfect shutter speed and great title