The Wind in the Web

Sunlight combines with the spider’s threads to produce great effects at the right moment, when the wind adds motion and we can play with the focus ring to capture colorful symmetry.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome.

Technical Details

D500 + 105mm 1/400 f4 ISO 320 0.33 EV

Can’t remember how I processed this (in Nov 2021). After cropping, I think it involved playing around with Shadows, Highlights and Curves in PS.


Love the image This is were lens based art comes into being.

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Mike, the hourglass strings of color work very well radiating from the nicely curved focal area. This is amazing.

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WOW! . . . . this is amazing, Mike! Very nicely seen and your post processing (whatever it was) is incredible.

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Let me add my Wow to the chorus! Jeez this is so cool. However did you see this? I have been “into” spiders forever and can’t recall seeing this phenomenon that you and I think Mark, have shown us so well. Truly outstanding.

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This is so awesome, Mike. Wow.

Well, let me join the crowd in saying this is beautiful!! The colors and patterns are very eye catching and very unique. Great job!!

Mike, this is superb! I love those hourglass jewels of color. Very nice.

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Stunning, Mike! Just stunning. Thank you

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I’m just catching up here and have to add another WOW!! Make that several of them! This is amazing and beautiful!

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This is absolutely beautiful Mike. Like Kristen, after photographing spider webs in all sorts of light I have never seen such a thing. Just wonderful…an oscilloscope version of a spider web. Cheers.

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Thank you very much all for your kind comments. I only get to see this properly in autumn, with certain very small spiders which have horizontal webs. I’d love to see if any of you can find similar webs. If you can, you just need to play around with web, sun, lens and Photoshop.

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WOWOWOWOW!!! Beauty in a micro cosmos. Truly beautiful image.

Thank you @subhasish_dutta!

How did I miss this? It’s absolutely incredible!

Thank you @Chris_Baird !

Beautiful image Mike. Interesting subject and stunningly captured. Well done.

Thanks very much @Cameron_Wilcox !

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