Thermophilic Algae



While leading my winter Yellowstone tour we paid a visit to Norris Geyser Basin. I’m not a huge fan of thermals, and Norris may actually be my least favorite of the major geyser basins in the park the rest of the year… but in winter it’s a different animal. The stark landscape is really beautiful, and there’s some vibrant green thermophilic algae that only blooms at this time of year (in summer it’s actually too hot).

Photographing a stationary green palette seemed a bit basic, so I chose to shoot at a slow shutter speed while hand-holding, hoping that the motion blur might add some interesting textures to the frame.

Canon 1DX
Canon 24-70mm
ISO 100


I was actually there almost 2 years ago now and it looked nothing like this Max (August). I do recall that the algae turned different colors based on the temperature of the hot spring. I’m enjoying all the various shades of green here, and by using a slow shutter speed you’ve captured the motion very nicely, almost like waves near a beach. There’s a sense that its actually going downhill. A well-presented capture!

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Such a pleasing image, Max, with the various color tones, the motion of the water that do appear like waves. Very well seen and captured. I am enjoying this.

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Max, the multiple shades of green and yellow in the algae are neat and the motion blur adds a good sense of movement that is hard to get in a straight shot at Norris.

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Max: Marvelous abstract with great colors and a major “what is it?” factor. Well conceived, captured and presented. >=))>

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