Thinking to switch on Fuji

Hey all, I own a Canon 5D3 and am seriously thinking of going to Fuji for smaller size and convenience. I would take a used XT-3 with 10-24 and 55-200. What do you guys think, would this be an upgrade even though I am going on a smaller sensor? Thanks, Greg

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I shoot the X-T3 and love it. I wouldn’t say it’s an upgrade from the 5D3, but image quality wise I don’t think you’ll see a huge difference. Those lenses are great for a lightweight setup, I would consider the 18-55 as well.

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I have the XT2 with 18-55mm. I love it as with the XE series. It’s my backup camera but good and very portable.

I have an X-T2 and really enjoy it. With the X-T4 out, you can get a great deal on an X-T3. The 3 and 4 have the same sensor, so images are going to look the same at a nice discount. That’s a nice start on the lenses. The 10-24 and 55-200 are all that Andy Mumford shoot with. But I agree with David and Richard that the mid range is nice to have too.

Thanks @David_Kingham, @Richard_Wong and @Adam_Bolyard for your information.

David, I read your blog posts about fuji xt3 and am now even more into it. Mumford also has great youtube videos about using fuji for ladscapes. Tilting screen even at portrait orientation is rally nice and focus bracketing also.

If I get a similar results with what I’m getting now it its a win for me.

Instead of 18-55 I would maybe get a 35mm 1.4 as I’m accasionaly also shoting portraits and my family and it fits between the zooms to fill that gap. At the moment with canon I am using 16-35, 50 and 70-200.


The f/2 version of the 35 mm is actually quite good too. It’s smaller and has a decently open aperture. I’ve read some drawbacks of the older 35 mm 1.4–softer, slower focus, etc. Conceivably, you could get good results with the less expensive f/2 version.

They also have a newer 16-80 mm f/4 that is supposed to be pretty good. I’ve thought that I could be happy with that and the 100-400 for everything I do.