This Winters Dew

We had very less dew this winter, while temperatures dropped to 16 degrees C, we had a lot of cloudy nights which reduced dew.
Morning Backlight

6D2, 180 Tamron, ISO 800, 1/200, F7.1

Balan, a great find and capture. I have yet to get out into the dew and find a DF all covered in dew. I am wondering if this would work better as a vertical crop, removing the stem to the right from the image, as I find that more of a distraction than a help to the image. Just a thought. If you did that, you might would need to clone out the web running to it. I wish his wings didn’t intersect across his eye, but it does. Otherwise, this is a nice capture, with great details in the dew on the DF, and one that I haven’t even attempted yet, so I don’t know I have any business even making suggestions.

Hi Balan,

Large view is very nice. Your next project is to do some stacking so that you can get those dew covered wings in sharp detail too. At 16 degrees, getting enough images for stacking should be attainable. Other that that–Well done…Jim

Balan, like Shirley, I find finding dew covered odonates very challenging. Congrats of finding them. I really like the details in the abdomen that show so well in the large view. I could see this cropped to vertical with the spider thread removed, but I also like the sense that you’ve captured here of finding this df “down in the weeds”, that the spider thread and 2nd stem add.

Balan: I like your DOF and plane of focus choices here. To get the wings in focus without stacking I think you would have to go to f16/f22 and that might mess up the BG. I’m on the fence regarding the stem on the right. I like the web but I think the stem is a net negative. Anyway, great find and capture. May the New Year bring you good subjects and great light.>=))>