Three Arch Rocks

On foggy, cloudy days, a massive silhouette encircled by ocean transports your imagination to times past. Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge consists of three large and six smaller rocks totaling 15 acres yet is one of the smallest designated Wilderness Areas in the country.

EF 16-35mm @ 25mm; f/22 @ 1.3 sec, ISO 100


Beautiful capture Bob - I love the calming feeling the soft light and waves give the image.

Thank you Terrance. This was an extraordinary morning, I was blessed to be able to capture this scene as everything—water, clouds, light—was changing rapidly.

Great image Bob, I feel drawn into the shot, pulled by the receding water towards the rocks in the distance. Love it!

Thank you Andy. We all strive to create images that draw the viewer in, to spend time exploring the image. I am pleased that I was able to achieve that goal with this image for you.