Time to leave

This Great Egret was photographed at the Four Mile River in South Lyme, Ct on Aug 14, at 8 AM. Sense we are coming up to spring I thought it was time to clean out last year’s unposted shots.
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Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, Sigma 150-600mm, f7.1, 347mm, 1/2000, -1EV, ISO 1000. The shot is cropped by 40%, into a 1 by 9.
In DXO Photo Lab 4, I adjusted the exposure, highlights and vibrancy.

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Excellent timing and great processing, Peter. The light is terrific and don’t seem over exposed which is always a problem with Egrets. Well done!

Love it. Great wing and leg position and the background and water shows the habitat and tells the story. Excellent.

Super job on this. The detail of the white plumage, wing position, flying water drops, and contrasty background make for a pleasing package.

Well done with the exposure on this egret. Comp is wonderful and the water droplets add to the drama in the scene. There is a horizontal bright line originating from the tip of the bill and found myself distracted by it. You could clone it out if so desired. Otherwise a fine egret photo…Jim

Thank you David Bostock, Allen, David Schoen & Jim for the comments. Jim you have a better eye than I have, here’s a repost.