Tioga Tree

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 5dM3, ISO100, f/16, 85mm, 1/5 sec., single image.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Thanks for the comments about saturation. I am posting another, more desaturated version. Part of what drew me to the image was the color in the rocks, not just the tree, so I am still undecided about how I want to handle that. I appreciate the crop suggestions from Ed, also.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like it…for all the usual reasons plus, the background looks microscopic, the tree rather large. What a place. Thanks for posting

Hey @Kathy_Barnhart!

I think you have a great composition going on here and the story of the lone tree basking in the glory. The flow of the lines is great and they all gesture towards the focal point of that tree.

I think the tree gets lost in all of the color and contrast in the rest of the image. While the colors are great and all, I think working to find the balance where they can still act as a supporting element in the scene while not being overpowering and taking some of the stage away from the tree would be key. If it were mine, I would probably experiment with lower saturation on the rocks and lower contrast overall.

Very nice composition, with the strip of light running diagonally to the backlit tree. And the colors are beautiful - love the blues against the reds. TJ has a good thought, though, about reducing the saturation and contrast. Even though the backlit tree is very prominent, the background competes for attention. Dialed back a touch it might be a better supporting actor for the tree.

I concur with TJ’s comments regarding saturation and contrast. The high values in the tree and its saturation look nice, so you might consider tweaking the foreground and back ground. I can also see a potential crop that eliminates the very dark areas at bottom–those grab my eye.

I really like the concept here, @Kathy_Barnhart, and the textures are wonderful.

I like this a lot, Kathy. The spotlighting on the tree adds a lot to the image while the varying colors from the lichen colored rock play a nice supporting role. Nicely done!

Kathy, I agree with the general comments of the others. The colors and textures in that rock wall are amazing, what wonderful find. I actually see two pictures here, one of the tree, and one of the rock wall.

First, a vertical crop to emphasize the tree (the wall is less competitive here IMO)

And second a different vertical crop to showcase the wall. This image has a lot of @Lon_Overacker influence in it I think…

Kathy, I love your original image. Yes, the background seems busy but that seems to add to the image. It adds energy to the image. The focal point is so strong that the bg doesn’t really compete with it. In fact, this is a great composition. You’ve got strong repeating diagonal arcs above. You’ve got repeating diagonals going in the opposite direction below. This is a well crafted idea. The blue on the slab on the llc is a bit too strong compared to the rest.

The rework is nowhere near as interesting as the OP. I wouldn’t consider it.

Ed’s 2nd composition is very interesting as well.