Topaz GigaPixel on sale currently

Topaz GigaPixel is currently on sale for $79.99 versus the normal $99.99. If you are already a Topaz customer however, you can get an extra 15% off making the price approx. $67. I’ve been playing with GigaPixel (Trial basis) for the past couple of days and really like it so I jumped on the sale price last night. Just an FYI.

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thanks for passing that along. That’s a great price., I thought I had a deal at $89 on the SW launch date. It is a wonderful piece of sw which in my analysis bumped off the long time pre2009? and aging king of the mountain, Genuine Fractals. Not only is Gigapixel wonderful at what is does, Topaz has continually put out updates whereas OnOne milked GF for years now and let it languish only changing its name to On1 resize. (I think because code creators have moved on) . If people are inclined to get the GigaPixel sw check your machine and GPU specs, because GigaPixel makes a lot of calculations

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Bill, thank you for that info. I just went to their site, and started to order it, signed in (already a customer), and the check out is still showing $79.99. I know that probably is still a good price, but I am one of those tight ones, that if they think they are supposed to get 15% more off of the order, I want it! Was there a coupon code or something that you received by email maybe? I didn’t get the notice from Topaz that it was on sale, so I may have missed that. Thank you in advance.

Hi Shirley. There was a coupon code required for the 15%. I just looked back to see if they listed the coupon code on my invoice but they did not. I found out about the additional 15% off through a marketing email they sent out. The coupon code was GIGAPIXEL15. Try that and see if it works. I hope it does for you. I pasted the email below. The GIGAPIXEL part is at the very bottom. Good luck.

Introducing Automatic Face Refinement

With our latest developments in machine learning and image recognition, we’ve implemented automatic face refinement in Gigapixel AI to offer you more powerful face enlargement!

If you already own Gigapixel AI, you’ll get this latest upgrade for free! If you don’t, you can get it on sale through August 30. Check the bottom of this email for a special offer!

These images were originally less than 400px wide, with faces under 65px wide. Ordinarily, faces this small in dimension can be very difficult to upscale, leaving them vulnerable to unpredictable results during enlargement.

Gigapixel AI now produces a more seamless enlargement of faces in your photos, so you’ll be satisfied with more natural-looking results! We upsampled them in Photoshop and the new Gigapixel with face refinement technology to show you the difference.


Turn Face Refinement On/Off

Enable or disable the new face refinement feature in the right side panel. Face refinement will detect very small faces (16x16px to 64×64px) and apply targeted, improved upsampling through machine learning.

See more examples >

Try It For Yourself

Now it’s your turn! The sample image is only 300x189px, but with the new face refinement feature, you can scale it up to 4x and get natural-looking, impressive results.

Download the sample image >


Get Gigapixel AI on Sale for a Limited Time!

If you already own Gigapixel AI, you’ll get this latest upgrade for free! If you haven’t added Gigapixel to your post-processing toolbox, here’s your chance to get the industry’s most powerful photo enlargement software on sale for just $79.99 ( originally $99.99 ) through August 30.

And since you’re a part of our Topaz community, you can take an extra 15% off the sale price during checkout using the code: GIGAPIXEL15


Thank you, I will give it a try. I downloaded the trial version
for now.