Trail Ice

Great winter weather. Light overcast, not too cold, but cold enough for ice on the trail.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome

Technical Details

Canon R5, 24-105mm @ 65mm, 1/60 sec., f/16, ISO 800. This is a crop of an image submitted several months ago.


Hi Don – One thing that makes me happy about winter arriving is opportunities like this. This looks like a fascinating slab of ice, so nice work in identifying a great subject. When creating abstract photos, I want to remove context so the viewer wonders about what they are viewing. Here, including the line of ground at the bottom helps give away what we are looking at by providing context. Since you said this was cropped, you could return to the original frame and maybe try eliminating all of the ground along the lower edge to focus only on the patterns themselves. The bright spot in the middle also attracts a lot of attention so you could consider darkening it a bit so the tonality is more consistent with the rest of the frame. If I was photographing this scene myself, I probably would have tried to zoom in on one side or the other of the bright spot because I think the most interesting patterns are on the edges. I would work to isolate just those interesting patterns and exclude the rest. Thanks for sharing!

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