Tranquility on Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Experiencing the soft light just after dawn on Kootenay Lake in Nelson, British Columbia is a tranquil way to start a day. I am also intrigued by this bridge that adds interest and local place.

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Nikon D500 1/250 second, f8.0 at 60mm with Tokina 24-70 mm lens on tripod.
Since this is taken with a DX camera, the equivalent focal length is 36-105mm

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This is wonderful. The calming feel this image has really comes through for me. I am totally enjoying my time looking at this, and yes, what a wonderful way to start a day. Beautiful.

Thanks Nick for viewing and commenting on this image. What viewers think about images is everything. Ansel Adams said every image has two people in it, the photographer and the viewer. Thanks again.

Very nice image, Larry I take away…calm, peaceful and overcast, I get the sense of waiting. I enjoying the different subtleties of textures and tones on the lake.

Thanks, Stephen for your view and comment.