Autumn image in Sila National Park. The soft light caresses the colored leaves of a beech tree.
Sony A6400, Sony 100-400GM, CPL


I’m a sucker for tree images and this one is a great shot. Simple and effective composition and love the warm colours.
Thanks for sharing,

Many thanks :slight_smile: I glad your like

Another masterpiece. I don’t know how you get that contrasty look without it looking contrasty, It looks like art.

Soft, delicate and lovely, a very nice autumn image.

Many thanks Igor :slight_smile: you are most gentle :wink:

Many thanks Stephen :slight_smile:

Another beautiful Autumn image. Love the composition, lighting and colors!

Many thanks :slight_smile: I glad your like

Beautiful, Antonio. Autumn is a wonderful time of the year and you found the best of it.
I love the image.

Thank you very much. I love autumn, although this year I find it more melancholy than usual.


Your vision with trees is unique - and more importantly quite beautiful!


Many thanks. Comments like that make me so happy and encourage me :slight_smile:

This is just simply gorgeous. You definitely have a way with trees!

I’m honored :slight_smile: thank you