Transmitted vs. reflected light, Smoke Tree leaves

This intriguing Smoke Tree in front of our Jacksonville, OR house gets even more interesting when color of leaves is noted to be dark red on undersurfaces from transmitted light but blue-purple on tops surfaces with same light reflected. CPL filter was valuable to capture this.

Sony a7R3 w/ Voigtlander 65mm Apo-Lanthar, B+W CPL, f/4, 1/160", ISO 250. Processed in Topaz DeNoise & Lr Classic to my liking,. When I saw this contrasting color of opposite leaf surfaces, I added a little saturation to bring it out.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

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Richard, wonderful photo of the tree leaves against the rich green background. Nicely done.

Linda, thank you. I revisited same tree with different lighting conditions. Sunlight reflected from top surfaces always creates blue leaves. CPL is needed only when angle of sunlight causes glare.

Lucky to have garden of exotic and varied photo subjects surrounding home. Compiling an album.

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