Tree blur

Tree blur

I went for a New Year’s Day walk with a camera and no idea what I would shoot. I was hoping to find a macro subject but these trees and grasses caught my eye. Scenery is drab here this time of year and light was a bit harsh, so I decided to play with motion blurs. I love how they can sometimes evoke the essence of a scene.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Canon R5, 100mm macro, ISO 100, f/20, 1/15 sec. I prefer a slightly long focal length for blurs to avoid pincushion distortion. I shot many frames as there is little control of the composition on each. The one I liked best had the base of the trees a bit too close to the bottom of the frame, but another one with more base and not enough on top lined up almost perfectly and needed only a slight tweak of Warp on one edge to give a good match. Other than that processing was minimal, with some Shadows up and Highlights down, and a subtle blur and burn at the base. I’d be happy to have more on the top but didn’t get it. I’ll try again, from a bit farther away.

Diane, this is wonderful. I love the motion which has left enough information about the environment but still gives an abstract feel. Also like how you have handled the post processing giving the image a more even sense without the harsh lights/darks. Love those walks when happy moments happen. Very nicely seen, captured and executed.

Diane, Just the right amount of motion and processing. Change nothing.

Diane, I like the more understated processing of this ICM. The lower contrast and the lower saturation colors work very well together to create a more gentle mood. The pastel greens are especially appealing to me. I’ve never heard of anyone using composites in ICM’s before, but it is a clever idea that makes sense in some situations.

Thanks everyone! @Ed_McGuirk, this is really just a panorama photo merge to extend the canvas. But I often use composite overlays using blending modes and masks, to go to another level with ICMs. I’ll have to post some.

I commented on another post the other day saying that ICM to me is a combination of expressing the movement art while still having a good sense of what the subject is. You have ticked all the boxes with this. The colours are also spot on. Really beautiful!!

Hello Diane, you made a great picture: I like the movement, the simplicity of the composition, the softness, the color palette and the vertical lines. Congrats!