Tree Swallow

Taken a couple days ago with side lighting. I did not try to lighten up the bird’s right side other than a bit around its right eye. Cropped vertical from a horizontal and then a bit off the top.
7DII, 700mm, f/6.3, 1/800, ISO400, tripod

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Hi David. The lighting is soft enough that I see no reason for adjusting the right side except the little bit you did. Nice detail in the bird and the perch and a sweet pose. I’d be tempted to widen this to 4x5 aspect ratio as the left side of the frame looks a bit crowded. I’d also remove the second twig as I don’t think it adds anything to the composition. A lovely shot of the swallow.

Very nice color and detail and good handling of the white areas. I like the background. Would second Dennis’s thoughts on the space and branch.

Hi David, A nice catch of this beauty. I think David’s crop suggestion would be good to try. I might remove the broken off top branch coming from the right. Bird seems rather soft to me like focus hit more on the branch than bird.

Beautiful bird. I don’t have any decent shots of these guys, so I’m jealous. I don’t particularly mind the comp., but I’d play around with it based on Dennis’s suggestion. I’d also clone out the branch on the right. I see some noise in the BG, so I’d reduce that selectively. Allen makes a good point about the bird appearing soft. But I wonder if it’s more of a post-processing issue. Before posting, I’d suggest you resize the image in PS and then select and sharpen the subject by itself. If you’re interested and have questions, let me know.

Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. Here is another look at it.

I checked for sharpness on the original as well as some other photos from this setting and I know what you mean Allen. Looking at the birds left eye lid on original and it looks pretty tight. I have some other side looks that do show more feather detail. It could be my processing or there is just not a lot of detail there to see.

Lyle I do all my post processing in LR Classic. If there is a branch or something to be removed,as in this case, I use PS.

I use the export command in LR to resize photo, sharpen, and convert to jpeg.

I was trying to see how I could include everyone’s address in my reply and will need to figure that out.

Hi @David_Leroy Just type the @ symbol followed immediately by the name you want. You don’t even need to do that in this case ans you’ll get a pop up menu of the people who have commented as soon as you type the @

Thanks @Allen_Brooks @Lyle_Gruby @Allen_Sparks @Dennis_Plank for your comments and suggestions. I tried out the suggestions in my repost and I do like the increased room. I think sometimes composition or elements of composition can be debatable but post processing is just about improving technique.
And that stick had to go.
And thanks for the tip Dennis.

Lovely shot, and repost David! I like the intent look of the bird and the complementing colours in this image. Cheers, Hans