Tree with Golden Leaf

I first met this tree 25-years ago. They are one of those elemental beings that feel as though they’ve have been around since Middle Earth. Last week, as I rambled through the forest up north, I ran into this same tree again. I was so delighted. I struggled to take a picture of the tree and just couldn’t do them justice so instead I contented myself in trying capture but one of their faces. Now that I have been reacquainted, I hope to make many more photographs of them before my time is up and perhaps, all together, they’ll tell the tale.

Hi Kerry, I like the patterns in the bark and mix of gray and greens. The center line V in the composition works for me. Nice frame.

One of your best images you’ve posted here and likely the best. It’s an Edward Weston image that’s all about form. That’s how I see it. It’s amazing how much a small leaf can add to a composition. Overall, it’s a simple idea but visually powerful. Weston’s forms were almost always organic in nature and so is this. There is a purple cast to this which does add a certain dimension to the image. I’m not sure whether it’s better with it or without it or some other color would work better.

A wonderful subject, and you made great use of simplification, which creates an interesting study in form and texture. The shapes and form of these trees is wonderful. While this is very subjective on my part, I think the use of shapes would be strengthened even further by removing the yellow leaf. I’m not saying the leaf is out of place, I think the image works well as presented. But my subjective preference would be to have the shapes of the trees emphasized even further by removing the leave, achieving an even greater level of simplification.

Sometimes simple is better and that is certainly the case here, Kerry. For me this image is all about textures and lines and the way they form that v shape at the top of the image. Just for comparison I converted this to B&W. For me that emphasizes the lines and textures even more. Just my opinion of course. I think your image does your old friend justice!