Tri-colored Heron

I focused a good bit on this species and anhingas on this trip since I didn’t have many shots of either previously. In this shot, I found the bird in the shade at the NWR perched on a mangrove. I think the water acted as a kind of natural reflector here.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-600 C, monopod
ISO 640, f7.1, 1/400s

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Beautifully sharp and composed and I love the blurry rippled bg. A very minor suggestion would be to clone out the couple of twigs by the bird’s back. But it’s a super shot!

@Mike_Friel , thanks for the suggestion Mike. Here is my attempt at removing those twigs.

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Beautiful sharp shot! I love the composition with the leaves partially framing him. The twigs don’t bother me but then again I’ve been shooting lately in much more cluttered environs. :slight_smile:

An excellent image, Allen. The detail in the heron and the pose are superb and I love the perch and the fact that it’s essentially all in focus. The twigs didn’t bother me much, but I do prefer it without them. When I look at the larger image with the twigs removed, it looks as if you used a very soft brush to clone them out. If I’m trying to truncate twigs, I’ll go back to the ends of the cut with a harder brush as fading into obscurity isn’t how the ends of twigs work but that’s an incredibly minor nit on a superb image.

@Terri_Barnett , @Dennis_Plank,
Thanks Terri and Dennis! Dennis, thanks for the tip about using a harder brush to clone the twigs. I reworked it with a harder brush and it does look more realistic.

A really nice image Allen. I like the nice relaxed pose with bird nicely framed by the leaves. Great details.

This one has a very pleasing painterly feel to it. Good job.

The comp is very nice. I like how the mangroves frame the heron. The twigs do not matter to me because they do not obscure the heron. Awesome shot…Jim