Trichotomy - Amargosa Mountains from Badwater Basin/DVNP

I captured this image earlier this year during my workshop in Death Valley. With a clear sky and strong sunset light hitting the distant mountain range, the simplicity of the three tones and the distinctive lines separating them really called for me to capture it.

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Beautiful study in shapes and tones! Gorgeous.

Hi TJ - This is a wonderful study of contrasts and layers. Very nice tonal range as well.

Thanks Harley! The shapes are what drew me in first, the tones just simplified it even further. One of my favorite DV images I’ve taken.

I appreciate it Eva! I’m glad you enjoy it as it’s one of my recent favorites!

TJ - what Harley and Eva said! Very graphic and you’ve crafted and presented it perfectly. And just enough detail in the dark ridge too. Beautifully seen, captured, processed and presented.


TJ, very simple, but oh so powerful. As I looked at the larger version, it was interesting to see how much detail came through in the foreground layer as my eyes adjusted to viewing it.

What a classic B&W image, it has tremedous impact !!!

Thanks @Lon_Overacker and @Ed_McGuirk ! I’m happy to hear about the dark ridge as I wanted it to appear very dark but have detail if you looked at it closely enough. My intent was to frame the middle layer without the bottom to be too distracting with detail. Sounds like I accomplished my goal.

I appreciate the remarks!