Trillium Lake camp

Normally we do our winter camping on clear nights so I can take night photo’s, but if it is cloudy or snowing, we choose to go to Trillium Lake where there is more shelter than on the ridges of Mt Hood. I stomped out a path to the tent with the snowshoes, but didn’t set the snowshoes up as a prop next to the tent this time. I love to do that, my wife hates it.

I thought this looked somewhat like an intimate landscape image.

Nicely done. I like the glow of the tent. It looks cold out there.

Thank you, If I remember correctly, it wasn’t too cold out, maybe in the 20’s. We dress in layers, so we are never really too cold.

I remember what my son’s scout leader would always tell the scouts.

'“There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad gear.”

I always remember your tent shots on Boy Scout Ridge that you post over on PH… well… OH now I suppose.

Good to see you here, @Kevin_Cowley! Your winter camping shots always feel so calm and pleasant. Same with this one… a stark contrast in so many ways to what Trillum just experienced these past few months.

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Thanks, I can’t wait to take winter pictures again. A quarter moon can sure light up the foreground in the snow and still allow lots of stars. I’m getting a bit burned out on dirt and rocks as my foreground subject on Mt Hood. My hope is to get some snow covered trees on Boy scout ridge sometime. It’s so wind blown up there that is hard to come by.