Tumblers +fixed RP

Fixed clone - How embarrasing! (hard to tell, but I bumped the contrast slightly.)


Hopefully no one is drowning in Merced river water images yet… Good news, this isn’t from Happy Isles, but a couple miles downstream west of the main valley loop. Although it’s often hard to visualize when shooting moving water like this, I was attracted to the interaction between the boulders - or “tumblers” as I’ve named them, and the flowing water. Shutter speed is in the middle between fast and slow… ha ha. But I liked the feathery results.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all comments and feedback are welcome.

Technical Details

Single frame, slightly cropped. EFex

Nikon D800E, 28-300mm @105mm f/22 .5s iso 200

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Lon, nice diagonal lines and motion in this image. I also enjoyed the boulder patterns. The shutter speed looks good to me as well. There appears to be a missed cloned area on the upper left side. I always look at edges in my images. I don’t see anything that needs cleaning up in yours. Very nice black and white image!

I like the results of your chosen shutter speed Lon. Over all you captured a nice diagonal flow and wonderful tonal qualities.

This has a wonderful painterly look that I love. Beautiful textures that are accentuated in going with B&W. Very well balanced. The shutter speed is perfect. For me, this is the very best of the bunch so far.

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Thanks for the comment Alfredo. I think I’m missing what you’re seeing. Can you point out specifically what is the missed clone area? I may have done some cloning along the edges, but now don’t recall exactly. But it’s not staring at me directly! :slight_smile: Thanks!

See this dark area which appears to have a stick in it.

Oh, this is wonderful. The balance between the flowing water and boulders is perfect, as is the shutter speed. No nits from me (except for that weird spot Alfredo pointed out).

This is really nice Lon. I think this is my favorite so far. There is so much diagonal movement and implied motion. The boulders are nicely clustered together and I love the shutter speed. There is still texture in the water and it is nice and stretched out as well. Very hard to do without getting milky which I’m not a fan of. My only nit is the URC where the darks catch my eye in that little triangle and I would love to see a little more room at the top but I can see that there is probably an issue up there that prevents more canvas from that area.

Great B&W image, Lon. You’ve inspired me to head out to the Columbia River Gorge to chase some similar images. I have to get past the explosion of Rose colors in our local garden first.

Well done.

You really have a way with water, Lon! I’m not sure if I like this one better than your last one or not. But I really like how the rocks are distributed between all the twirling water. I really like it in black and white it seems to brings out the texture more. Great composition and perfect ss!

This type of image is all about the composition and how the water is captured. I think you have succeeded with both. The layout of the rocks makes a good composition and the structure of the water matches the rocks perfectly. Also a very good choice to render the image in B&W.

Very nice comp and the right movement impression. I personally like to work with slightly stronger contrasts, especially when I make prints

Lon, great image. I think the shutter speed for this image is spot on. It’s so hard to nail that sometimes, at least for me. Should it be 0.4 sec or 30 sec? I guess like in all things, it depends. Love the sharp boulders sticking out. Really the makes the contrast so pleasing to the eye.

Super image, Lon. What impresses me is how you came up with this rock solid composition with moving water. The whites that we see so well placed within the frame are riffles of water that must’ve looked very different in reality. The image has so much vitality because of the strong diagonals one way and another set of diagonal crossing it the other way. Other than the correction you’ve made I don’t have other nits to pick. I think this is the best of the water pictures of your recent batch.

Thank you so much for your comments and observations! Much appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to comment, @jorma , @Vanessa_Hill , @Ola_Jovall , @David_Haynes , @David_Bostock , @David_Mullin , @Bonnie_Lampley , @Alfredo_Mora and @Igor_Doncov .

What a great observation! Wow, never picked up on that, but now I can’t avoid it. Unintended consuequences on display! Thanks!

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Real nice take on the Merced, Lon. Excellent shutter speed for rendering the water, fine comp and fine tonalities throughout.

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This makes a beautifully intimate BW Lon. Several of these images with the same theme would make wonderful wall decorations for a room or hall.

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