Tunnel whitout End

I scouted an area near home. It’s a rural area with many orchards and farm land. I found a small oak tree woodland. The path crossed the small forest.

Technical Details

Composite: No

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Inviting and looks like a deeper wood than just a small strip surrounded by agriculture.

Thanks for comment, Kristen. Just a patch of 0,5 X 1,0 Km2. I didn’t believe it!

I agree with Kris. It appears you could spend hours wandering the woods camera in-hand. I like the B&W treatment because it lends a dark tonality drawing you in to follow the path.

Strong composition. Nice tonal gradient,. Really resonates with me. Nice image.

You’ve created a great mood with this shot with your processing choices!

Thank you very much for comment, Mario.

Hi, Dan. I thought B&W was a good choice. thanks.