Turkey Jump

I was out this morning for some shooting and a flock of turkeys came in, some of which hopped up into some manzanitas for a bit. This is a sidelit capture I got of one jumping down from 6 feet or so. Note the observer in the BG

Specific Feedback Requested

I realize it’s a busy BG and the subject’s framed by a rainbow shaped tree branch. Does the image still work?

Technical Details

Z9, Nikon 200-500 lens, monopod, 1/1600th, f 8.0, 300mm, ISO 2000, cropped to 3041 x 3253, Topaz Photo AI

Well this is fun! Turkeys flying are just hilarious and I like the view here. Looks like the observer is pretty critical of form. Must be the French judge! The business doesn’t bother me that much because of the action and the frame-filling turkey. Lovely wings and that tail. Hard to believe they fly, but they do.

Hi Dave
This is probable my best view of the coloring and feather detail on a wild Turkey.
Thank Dave

Love to see the colors in side light.