Turks Cap Series w/Repost

I spent about 4 hours on this Turks Cap Lilly. Not sure if any are what I’d consider “keepers” - I’m still pretty inexperienced with the nuances of macro work…and boy are there LOTS of nuances! The more experienced I become, the less I know…

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m interested in your honest opinion on the compositions as demonstrated. I hope it is clear which of the details within each of the images resonated with me.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
First one f/5, the rest f/11. I used various diffusers, and a reflector in the 2nd shot. Flash with the 3rd shot.

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These are nice additions to your portfolio, Jim. I would pick the middle one as my favorite.

Yes Macro is challenging with lots of nuances. But it is so rewarding and fun to experiment with. Keep it up and continue to share.

All very nice! It’s easy to go nuts with a macro subject, and why not? Play now and decide later. All are strong compositions with interesting DOF and good focal points. Keep playing!

Hi Jim! I really like the first one. It could even be cropped closer to make an abstract image for this week’s challenge!

Thanks @David_Bostock for the inspirational comments…I’m really struggling to find my way in macro, but won’t stop trying.

@Diane_Miller, thanks for your comments as well - I definitely could take a more “playful” attitude towards the process!

@Vanessa_Hill - thanks for your comments. I agree that a crop would make a better image. I’ve done so and made a refined the image a bit further. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

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Hi Jim! I was even thinking tighter something like this!..

Or like this!..