Specific Feedback Requested

I would like some feedback about the composition of this shot. I am leaning towards a 1:1 crop of it. What do you think?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


@francis maybe it is just me…but there is NO WAY I would get rid of that tree on the right, whatever you do, don’t crop that out! I love it! I’ll be honest, I think it is great as is! It might run a bit on the fantastical side only because the trees are so dark and the water is so bright, but it is fun!

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What @David_Wallace said! I love the warmish green highlights against the cool water. The dark tonalities are wonderful! I might explore reducing the cyans a bit, but after that I might choose to leave them as presented.

I think I agree with the others and not crop. I would burn in the highlights of the tree next to the frame. I love this image. The water is magical in all that darkness. Good vision on your part.

Francis, this is a great image. The water softness is just perfect. I really like the somewhat dark exposure of the greens. For me the tree adds a lot to the quality of the image, so I would not have changed a square crop.

Another vote, absolutely no way should you crop this to 1:1, this is perfectly balanced as presented. And in the image as presented you have strong framing elements on both the left and the right. If you crop away the tree then the framing becomes much weaker on the right. The dark processing prevents the tree from being too intrusive (which it would be if it were brighter).

Instagram may have over-popularized the square format, but in my opinion the aspect ratio should be dictated by the strength of the composition, and the nature of the subject matter. You already nailed that here.

I would back off the saturation of the aqua in the water, it’s a bit strong for my taste, but that is a matter of personal preference. I’m okay with the dark processing, but I think it contributed to the saturation of the water going a bit far. I think a more pastel tone of aqua would actually have more impact.

Thank you all and suggestions. Your suggestions reall y make sense and I appreciate it

I’m late the the party, but wanted to say that this is a beautiful shot. The dark processing gives the impression of being a deep forest scene. I am attaching a rework that makes it more realistic for me, but on the other hand reduces the drama. Thanks for posting.

Hi Patricia,
Thank you for the input and the post processing. Do you mind explaining what you have done so far/

Hi Francis. Since I can’t remember exactly what I did, I downloaded it again into photoshop, reduced the vibrance a bit and played with the dodge tool to bring out the highlights in the greens. Think this came out better than the first try.