Turtle Rock IAT

The Ice Age Trail runs through Wisconsin for some 1300/1500 miles. It is not wholly contiguous, but it traces the outlines of a very large glacial moraine that creates interesting geological formations throughout the state and especially along the trail. The last major ice event to cover North America is called the Wisconsin Glaciation.

A few segments are near the house and this one is a little treasure. This aspen grove is near one trailhead and no matter how many times I’ve been there, I have to shoot this bit of path through them. Every season has something amazing about it. Beyond is more trail, a small, unnamed brook that you can follow to where it ends in the Wisconsin river. Just behind where I was standing for this first shot is a beaver dam, now much enlarged and the expansion caused the trail to be rerouted twice.

I have more pics of this section, but will leave it to three.

No doubt I will be returning again and again so long as I live 5 minutes away.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all ideas and comments welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
All taken with either a Lumix G9 or GH3 and the Lumix Vario G 12-35 mm f/2.8 lens
Tripod for all and maybe a polarizer for the greener one which is from September.
Processed in Lr to bring out the most in this my favorite part of the trail.

The fall is from 2020, winter from 2021, & the green fall shot 2016,


Really nice collection, Kris. Personally, I prefer the spring and winter images, but all are nice. Looks like a great spot to explore, and so close!

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Love the series, Kris. Capturing the different seasons always provides a unique look at the same scene. My favorite is the winter scene, love all the parallel lines against the horizontal lines of the shadows, feels just a bit abstract. Great idea and nicely done.

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Kris, this sure looks like a nice place to go for a walk, with or without a camera. I can see where you would shoot some images each time you are there though, no matter what the season.

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Great little spot. I like all but the winter scene is the clear winner for me. Love the contrast between the shadows and trunks. I quite like it.

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Thanks everyone! I’m glad you like it. As far as spots go, it’s a consistently terrific one. The brook tends to run low in late summer and fall and is completely covered in winter (for the most part), but I’ve shot it in early spring when it’s running fast. Mink like to fish there. My next favorite spot will be an aquatic one - my favorite place to paddle.

How great to have such beauty so nearby. And like you said, it is always changing, always new.
My favorite is the winter snow scene. I just love the lines of the vertical tree against the (more or less) horizontal lines of the shadows on the rolling snowdrifts. Simplicity and elegance and beauty all in one!

Hi Kristen
What a beautiful place to live nearby. These are all lovely and I have to agree with everyone else, the winter scene really speaks to me. Just lovely!

Thanks @Mark_Muller & @Sammi_Wilson - living here provides a person with a lot of wild spaces to explore. I’m paddling an hour north today so we’ll see what that brings.

The winter scene seems to be the winner. Not that year, but prior years I’ve gone in there with snowshoes and still sank nearly to my knees. It’s worth it though.

That’s the frozen beaver pond.


Kris, I too vote for the winter scene. It really shows off the tree trunks well. The up and down bits in the snow look good and the shadows running perpendicular to the trees and the rest of the scene add a lot of eye pull. The other two do look very good and inviting.

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