Sony A77
Sony 70-400G-II @ 70mm, CPL
ISO 200, 1/20 @ f8
Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
On my first and only visit to the Black Canyon I was struck by the harshness and hardness of the canyon walls yet a few trees were able to get a toe hold. Please view large, all comments welcome. >=))>

Thanks for including trees Mark. This totally helps to put the massiveness of these canyons into perspective. I’ve driven through there once and they are quite impressive. Really nice photo.

Hi Bill, well I love rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors and your photo certainly ticks everything. Nice portrayal of this feature. The lighting illuminates all the crooks and crannies and its fun to follow the myriad lines everywhere. Especially interesting are the veins in the lower left. My only wish is that the trees were a bit brighter. They don’t need much to grow from a tiny seedling!

Bill, the harshness of the rocks stands out strongly here. The trees make a fine contrast and provide context for the size of the walls.