Went on a camera motion binge today. Snow covered forest.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Only processing was small decrease in exposure, no other adjustments. White balance was on daylight not auto.
Sony Alpha 7 III @ 97mm, f/22, 1/4, iso 100


Some nice work Mario, I liked your first post of ICM but enjoy this one as well. The pastel coloring and tones are nice, but I like playing with colors and contrast to get a bit more energy. The single brown line in LRC is a bit of a distraction and can easily be removed. Did you hand hold or use a tripod?

Thank you for commenting Steven,@Stephen_Stanton . This was handheld ICM. I have not done much of this but find the images very interesting. I am trying to decide if B&W works better for less colorful images.
I tried some editing just to see what a more accurate representation of what I actually was seeing might look like.