Unusual Bug

I don’t know the name of this little guy, but was thrilled to see what looks like the pupil of his eye in this shot of him. He is probably about a quarter inch long, maybe slightly more. I saw him and a couple of other bugs in our flower garden, so went and got my camera.

Specific Feedback Requested

I cropped this in fairly well, to remove the blade that was behind him from distracting so much. I added a vignette to help with that as well. Composition look okay?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Shot with Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 100 mm macro f2.8 L lens, with KX-800 twin flash and diffuser, HH at f16, 1/200, ISO 320. Basic edits in LR and Topaz AI Clear.


Nice catch. Looks like the larval stage of something. Good color rendition. Your crop gives room to move through, but it looks sharper along the side than the head. So hard when they won’t stop and pose! Vignette looks good to me.

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Wonderful, Shirley, detail in both the little bug but also the leaf. Also like the arched lines in the leaf as they add just a hint of texture. Vignette is just right. Very nicely seen and captured.

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Hi Shirley,

This is a larval ladybird beetle or as most folks know them as ladybugs. Comp and lighting are very nice and the subject shows up well against the dark BG. Well done…Jim

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Thank you, Jim @Jim_Zablotny for the ID. I am thrilled to hear that. I love ladybugs. I would have never guessed it.

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Wow Shirley that is an amazing capture. How on earth did you spot this little lady. Great color contrast. The Comp is wonderful

Thank you, @Kris_Smith, @linda_mellor, @Jim_Zablotny and @Dean_Salman for your kind comments. I am thrilled to find out it was a Ladybug. She was out in the open on an Iris blade.

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