Viburnum Bloom

I’ve planted many viburnums mostly for the berries they produce for the birds. This one is a reliable bloomer, plus it has an excellent fragrance.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm IS USM zoom, f/6.7, 1/750 sec., ISO 800, Hand Held. Processed in ACR and PSE 2020 for exposure and sharpness. NR by Topaz De-noise.

Oh these are so beautiful. I bet the birds love the berries. I brought it into Ps and noticed some rough edges to everything - over-sharpening? There was also a bit of fringing I got rid of. Camera raw for a little warming & exposure while constraining highlights. Removed a couple of distractions on the edges, too. Hope you don’t mind. It’s such a great cluster of flowers. I bet a whole bush of them is heavenly.

No, I don’t mind. It could be over-sharpened. Sometimes, I don’t know when to quit. :grinning:

Terry, I have a viburnum, but only the catbirds seem to eat it’s berries and it’s blooms are pure white. The colors and contrast look very good. I don’t see oversharpening. I am intrigued by the line (spider strand?) across the middle and fine the one slightly soft flower pointing right at me a bit distracting. Unless it was very windy, you could trade shutter speed for dof and get the entire bloom sharp.

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Thanks, Mark. It was windy, but those are good tips. I just posted another image in Macro of the same type of bloom with a butterfly where I did increase the depth of field. If you get the time, please have a look.

Delicate blooms and impressive when seen close up. Remove the few distracting spots on the edges and you have a winner.

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