Village entrance

Nikon D300, 18-200 lens at 52mm, F11, 1/60, iso200

Today we had so much rain. Not the kind of weather to go out making images. So while looking at old images I found this one . Made in 2009 and now did some post processing to it.

What technical feedback would you like if any?All feedback is more than welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any?All feedback is more than welcome

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This has a wonderful quiet feel, Ben. There is a lone branch protruding into the frame on the right about halfway up that I would remove. I might also try to tone down the reds (magenta) on the right side of the frame. Looks like a nice morning for a walk.

This has the feel to me in colour and tone, of a classic Dutch painting. My only suggestion would be to take some off the top in order to accentuate further the horizontality of the picture that is so beautifully defined by the bridge and its reflection. Lovely.

Beautiful, tranquil scene. Quite lovely. Only nit: the already mentioned right side branch.

I agree with that. For some reason I’m drawn to those 4 lamps.

Lovely morning feel with that mist rising and the nice warm color.

@Igor_Doncov, @Gary_Phillips, @Kerry_Gordon, @John_Williams, @Jim_Gavin, Thank you all for these nice comments. Sometimes looking at old images and post process them with the knowledge that I have now. Gives such nice results. I am also going back there to see if it has still that bit of magic to me. And make new images of course.