(W-Repost) Young Pelican on a foggy morning

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 5D mark 4; 500mm; 1.4X; ISO 500; 1/1600 sec. at F 5.6

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Lovely. Very moody. You’ve done a really good job with the side/back lighting. I am not sure about the one or two bg birds. I might have a look at moving the pelican to the left a little bit and eliminating the bg birds just to see how it feels. I really like the trees and vegetation in the bg. Good for you.

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Great shot, except for the logo.

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Jagdeep, this is truly a wonderful environmental shot. The back light rim around the Pelican, and the misty foggy background, along with your low POV, really makes this shot. I wasn’t bothered by the the 2 birds in the BG, in fact, I had to go back and look after @David_Leroy mentioned them. This image deserves some walk space, in my opinion. I actually like your logo, and need to spend more time figuring out how to accomplish something like that. It looks very professional, to go with an image as great as this, is my humble opinion. Great shot.

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Thank you so much for your kind words!

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Wonderful shot in a magical setting!! Is there any more canvas on the right? I love the BG to the left of the bird and wouldn’t crop there, but I think removing the two OOF birds would give an even stronger sense of the pelican alone in a mystical place. That would take the image to an 11/10.

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Love the mood you captured here with the soft light and colors. I’d give @Diane_Miller 's suggestion a try and see how it looks to you.

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This is lovely, Jagdeep. The kind of image one can hang on the wall and enjoy for a long time. I like the inclusion of the two birds lost in the mists behind the subject.

Thank you so much friends for so much interest in the image, in fact this quality makes NPN a great place to exhibit and improve your art.

Thanks @Dave_Douglass, even I don’t like my logo, but it has become a necessity, like a mask in Corona times. In the repost I’ve made the logo bit subdued. BTW I’m down with Covid 19 since 12th Nov. much better now but still positive. :worried:
Thanks @Shirley_Freeman for liking my logo and image too !

Thanks @Diane_Miller for your valued suggestions, I didn’t have more canvas on the RHS. So I removed the left most bird and made the second bird less visible. I believe it did improve the shot. :pray:

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Ouch! So sorry that you came down with the dreaded virus. I wish you a complete recovery. fading the logo some does help keep my eye from going to it. I am curious about the necessity of one on the forum here. Can you enlighten me? Oh, and please know that I did not mean I dislike the design of your logo. What I dislike is how it distracts my eye from an otherwise great shot.

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Jagdeep, I am so sorry to hear that you have COVID. I’m glad to hear that you are much better.

I like your re-post, and even the logo being dimmed down helps. I didn’t realize it would. I really didn’t see how you could improve on such a great image, but you did. NPN photographers, together, help make a great image greater! Well done!

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Hi Dave!
Thank you so much for your good wishes !
When we post any picture on the Internet, whether NPN or any where else, we sent it to public domain. It doesn’t matter how many softwares we use and how many precautions we take, it is very easy to steal and use the image and many people do it.

Now if someone manages to steal the image with a copyright notice and try to change or hide the info there in, then his intention is proved and he just cannot prove his ignorance. On the other hand if someone uses it with copyright notice, he’s giving the credit to photographer at least.

And nowadays even facebook and instagram claim that they can use any image posted on their platform for their own benefit, in that case too photographer gets the clear credit.

I just hope that makes some sense.

Wow! Really nice composition and exposure, Jagdeep. I didn’t notice the oof birds until someone else mentioned them. My eye was drawn to the main subject. You captured a wonderful dreamscape, here, and I enjoy how the green the bird is standing on stands out from the rest of the photo.

Just superb lighting and a wonderful composition.

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Your repost is absolutely wonderful Jagdeep. It’s hard to believe the original post could have been improved, but that is what is so great about this forum.

I have had one of my images that I posted on the old NPN stolen and made into a poster many years ago, so I totally understand the necessity of putting your logo on the image.

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I don’t know anything about bird photography, but I think this is wonderful. I especially like the front lighting and rim lighting and the soft background.

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It does make sense. It’s unfortunate that there’s a need to mar great shots, though. I feel for ya.

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Lovely image. About your logo or signature, I suggest you try lowering the opacity. I think the logo should just be recognizable without being a distraction.

HI J Rajput
Hope you get better soon. (God Bless). I love the Pelican photograph.

This is such a magical photo. Really well captured. I think the re-post is a big improvement. Very glad to hear you’re on the mend.

I’m curious what your focal length was to retain that much detail in the background?