Waiting the winter
Ice as temperature drops
When people skating

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Nikon D850, F16, +1.33, ISO 64,


I admire your courage and creativity with this photograph, Ben. I guess we know the classic criticism that this would receive at most any camera club - “we need to see more of the bank on the right”. To that I say, “Bah, humbug!” I know there’s a bank on the right and I really don’t need to see more of it. Personally, I appreciate the seeming imbalance - it adds tension and drama as well as emphasizing the descending scale of the trees on the left bank. That combined with the reflections in the foreground and the converging banks, give this picture a wonderful sense of depth. The colours are subtle but between the red/orange, green and blue, compliment each other beautifully.
As is typical of your images, wonderful mood .

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Another lovely scene, beautifully shown. Kerry’s comment about seeing the other bank was interesting - it didn’t even occur to me that one would need the other bank. The “imbalance”, accentuated by the leaning trees, contrasts with the soft colors/light and the overall gentle mood. It provides interesting visual tension.

Oh Ben , this has to be one of my favorite shots from you ever. You know that I am a sucker for both fog and late season autumn, and this image exquisitely pulls those two themes together. I just keep coming back to appreciate this one over and over.

I had to chuckle when I read @Kerry_Gordon comments about camera club judges would want to see more of the other bank. Sadly it’s probably true, but I am so glad you composed this as you did, it elevates this image far beyond the obvious leading line cliche. I think the sense of mystery here is greatly enhanced by you showing so little of the other bank as you did. It forces the viewer to use more of their imagination. :+1: :+1:

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@Kerry_Gordon, @Ed_McGuirk, @Bonnie_Lampley, @linda_mellor,
In the original is more of the bank on the right. Taking some of, not rules, gave me a better feeling about the composition. I learn from your comments . Also because I know very little about rules, I stay by my philosophy " I just do". As a famous dutch painter (Karel Appel) once said “I am just messing about”(Ik rotzooi maar wat aan) I hope I did a good translation .
And Ed sometimes I learn new English words like " to chuckle". Thank you all so much !! Ben


Rules or not - this is a beautiful image, very evocative of the season with a lovely combination of colours and textures. As the other reviewers have stated here, the mood you have captured is what makes this image.

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“Rules” are the main reason why I gave up on camera clubs and competition a long time ago. Keep on just doing it, Ben.

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Now you have to work chuckle into your next haiku :grin:

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I love this image as well. What’s funny is that I was just listening to a copy of Les Marseillaise and naturally it affected how I saw this image. “March on” is a phrase repeated over and over. The order and repetition in this image is as soldiers marching off. Of course, had I not heard it my interpretation would have been entirely different. The leaning trees as though falling make this image different and one that encourages interpretations. As you know I like somber images and this fits the bill nicely. The muted colors convey a depth of emotion.

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Igor, what a beautiful comment… It is nice to hear that an image brings over such a mood !

Beautiful image. The lines of the trees and the riverbank are what really make it work, I think. There’s a lot of great tension in those diagonals.

This is so nice,
Being a little “messy” everything make sense, and sits nicely in his spot.

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@Tony_Kuyper, Thank you Tony for your evaluation of my image. Post-processed of course in TK 7.

This one really comes together nicely! The others have said it well above; I’m enjoying this for all the reasons they have noted.

This image captures the transition of autumn to the colder winter season beautifully, Ben. The light fog adds so much to this lovely scene as does the diagonal placement of the shoreline. I also like the one tree that is leaning more than the others as it adds a little more visual tension to the image. I can almost feel the cooler damp air.