"Waking The Giants" Dolomiti, Italy 2018

Sunrise with lenticular clouds in the Dolomites this summer. It was super windy this morning and the light was fierce!

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Single Exposure. Sony a7rii, Canon 16-35mm f/4

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Stunning Eric.

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This is killer! Amazing even without the couple of crazy clouds but those just make it even cooler when you look into the frame and see them.

Been on this ridge before and know how windy it gets! Remember being a little afraid getting close to the edge especially being the only one up there at the time. Those instant death drop-offs can get the heart rate up.

Awesome Eric, I particularly like the light on the cliffs centre frame and the way the clouds seem to spread out from the top of the mountains.

Sweet light and sunstar and the drama laden clouds is the icing on the cake for me, Eric. I also like the FG wildflowers along with the amazing details and textures in the large version. Great work here.

Grand and beautiful, Eric. Love the side lighting on the ridge!

Impressive work Eric! This is wonderful.

Thanks a lot, Paul! I’m happy you like this one. Take care my friend.

@Matt_Reynolds I appreciate the compliment on the composition, I couldnt help myself with so many awesome lines to work with on this ridge. The light was pretty crazy, almost packed it up a few minutes before it finally broke through because it looked like it just wasnt gonna happen in time. I definitely know what you mean! I was right on the edge for this one and the wind kept rocking me and my tripod around! YEESH!

@Michael_McGee Hey Michael! That was something I also enjoyed. I was waiting for the light to hit on the cliff side to help with that, as far as the clouds, I can’t take credit for that, I just lucked out! But I also saw what you are seeing there.

@Ed_Lowe thanks a lot, Ed! So happy you like it my man!

@Harley_Goldman Thanks! That was intentional! I was happy when the sun came out

@Nick_Bristol Thanks a lot, Nick!

Eric, this is a masterpiece, and is my favorite of all your images that you have posted at NPN. The processing and composition show a lot of dedication to craft on your part. What I especially enjoy is how the touches of yellow and gold are distributed across the four corners of the frame, just beautiful…

Oh My Eric, This is epic. Simply stunning front to back.

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Your rendering of the great earth gesture know as the Dolomites is truly moving. I bitterly regret that when I moved to Italia (Aviano) in 2005, I was not into photography. Still, I loved the sight of these magical mountains. Great capture.