Waking Up in a Fog

Taken quite some time ago from the South side of the Valdez Bay, Valdez, Alaska and looking East. It was an extremely foggy morning and if it wasn’t for the tree lined ridges you wouldn’t even be able to tell that you’re surrounded by mountains!

Sony DSC-R1, ISO-160, f/8.0, 1/500, hand held.

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Beautiful image! If I were hiking and came upon a scene like this, it would stop me and take my breath away. This is why I love nature and shoot landscapes. Nice work!

Looks really good, Gary. A real nice ethereal, moody look. Dreamy. Good entry for the challenge.

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The mysterious mood is great, Gary. I’m struck by how well the limited mid-range tones work. The fading shapes both in the land and sky are outstanding.

WOW, this is really nice. I wish I had taken this. There is just enough “details” to give some sense of what lies beyond but still very mysterious. Kudos, Gary!

I agree with the enthusiasm of the other viewers.
I know that some beautiful things are to see and not touch, but I couldn’t help adding a little contrast via curves to the bright elements, and altering the crop to lose the bright sky at the top, and to draw attention to the head of the valley. The slight darkening of some of the clouds seems to have brought out some of the subtle colors captured by your camera.

Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate an edit suggestion, Dick! I really like the crop suggestion as it puts more focus on the “window” and balances the scene better. I’m not as excited about the contrast changes though. It seemed to over amplify the green color which was definitely not that obvious in the scene (they call those “Black Spruce” for a reason.) There was subtle green hints from the deciduous trees and brush but it was nowhere near that strong. The contrast also blew out some of the highlights which is something I’m sensitive about. I’d rather have the detail than the emphasis (a personal choice, obviously) :slight_smile: