Walking On The Sun

Out here in Michigan the sunflower fields are an extremely popular place for Photographers. Almost all are doing some kind of portraits. I’ve never seen a field of sunflowers, so off I went to check one out. Safe to say it was not my kind of scene, but I left with a few images. This one is my favorite.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome.

Technical Details

Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Sigma 105mm
ISO 100 105mm f/5.0 1/320 sec



I really like this too, Leon

The tight radial gradient in the center where it changes from green to bronze is really eye catching.
The details are great and the bee is icing on the cake so to speak.
I like the highlights and the shadows in the petals where they overlap each other and you managed to capture those with even light throughout the entire image.

There is one very small nit for me which is the small green area on the left where there’s a gap between the petals, but that’s a very, very minor thing really.

This might not be your kind of scene but the image you walked away with here is great!

Very nicely done!

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Leon, this is a very nice image of the sunflower, and as @Merv said, the bee is icing on the cake. I like how you framed in mostly on the center of the sunflower. Very well done. I could see maybe toning down that green leaf showing through but it isn’t a deal breaker to me. I would be pleased to have come away with a shot like this. Nice.


Yeah, sunflower fields are very challenging. I find it hard to get much wide-wise and usually go close like this one. Excellent image, Leon. I like the close up and the square crop. It’s symmetrical until you notice the bee. Well done.

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Wonderful image. Did you need to pay the Bee extra to stay still? :grinning:

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I think he was bubbled out!

Simply gorgeous! My only thought is to maybe tone down the brighter petals in the UL, but that’s a small thing.

Excellent photo and very well framed. The exposure came out very well and the bee even worked with you because that was a great place for her to be.

Leon, you did a fine job focusing on the center of this sunflower, with the bee as a superb extra element. The details are excellent throughout and the square crop fits the sunflower perfectly.

Great detail. Nicely composed and balanced image. Perhaps, I would try brightening the image a little. But, very nice, indeed.