Wandering Through

Another fall drone image I was quite fond of immediately when I saw this composition. Always liked leading lines and what better than a road?
Processing these DJI/Hasselblad RAW files is very different than my Nikon, so I’m still on a learning curve. Frankly, these RAW files require somewhat minimal processing. Even though they are a DNG file, they look like what could be a JPG from my Nikon. Case in point, I had to lower saturation.
Anywho, I would appreciate any critiques from your point of view. My editing really focused on enhancing the low light filtering through the scene. I wanted to convey brightness, but not overdo it.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like this. The difference in the two sides of the road are quite striking. Has one side been logged?

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Tony, the vegetation difference is the classic north vs south facing slope situation. The oak brush side is facing south, thus getting more sunlight (intensity and duration). Soils are thus drier and don’t support mature spruce or a lot of aspen trees. On the north facing side, the spruce and aspen do quite well with less sunlight to dry out soils and snow doesn’t melt fast due to shading of the low winter sun. Basically there is different micro climate on each side of this area even though they are a stone throw away. Have to say, this area really is quite profound is demonstrating this north vs south difference. It’s not to say spruce or particularly aspen won’t be found on south facing slopes, but if they are there, it probably is due to a spring or other natural water source.

I am really enjoying this too. The variation in the two sides of the road makes for an interesting story. Pleasing light too. I wonder what you’d feel about a 4x5 crop, removing some of the right side. Seems like my eye is drawn to the darker, brown right side of the photo. Zooming in on my phone to remove a slice of the right makes it feel more balanced to me while preserving the nice details in the rocky part in the lower right.

Cheers! Lovely capture

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Kent: Really well seen and I especially like how the light works on each side of the road. I’ve been lusting for a drone but there’s little of interest around our home and we tend to travel and vacation in national parks. This is delightful and stoking my desire. >=))>

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Excellent Ken. While I think the comp works nicely as presented and the story you describe (north vs. south facing, etc.) I’m thinking of an alternate where some is cropped off the right. Yeah, that may go against the grain and would create a 50-50 split. But with the curvy line going down the middle, I see a cool Yin-Yang kinda comp. May not be for everyone, but the idea came to me.


Absolutely stunning Ken. The road adds so much to the an already beautiful landscape.

I am enjoying your drone photography and look forward to seeing more.

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