Water flow

What captured my eye here where the water flow and the green colors, but also the geometrical shapes.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I often take this type of small scene pictures, sometimes as here in some sense lacking a “leading actor”. I would appreciate input on if this is a problem or not from a viewer´s perspective.

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Love it. This is well done. The line of white water at the very top adds a lot to the composition.

Very nice image, Ola. I like the rolling motion, the colors and the shapes. Well done.

Not every photograph tells “a story”. This image is one of those cases, so , lacking a “lead actor” is not, in the least, problematic. I think this is a wonderful image. A semi-abstract which is all about colour, texture and line. Well seen and beautifully composed.

I think this is a fantastic image. As a fellow lover of abstract small scenes, I don’t think think you always need a leading actor in the traditional sense. Form, geometry, motion, texture - all of these can be your main stars.

I have little to offer in the way of critique. Personally, I’m usually not crazy about heavy compositional elements that run parallel to the frame like the white line you have at the top - I would play around with warping or rotation to skew it a bit. I also don’t find that the color here adds much to why this image shines for me, so I would be interested in a black and white conversion.

All that is minor though. Great image!

Ola, this is a fine image. The geometry of the white water leads the eye from LRC to ULC and then to URC, so your leading actor issue is solved. However, I think the top 25% of the image is a distraction from the rest of the subject of the green riverbed vegetation and the whitewater of the foreground, so I would consider cropping that.

I would also explore capturing this same composition with a variety of shutter speeds. I feel this shutter speed is slightly fast and conveying a little more movement of the water could make this image even more appealing.

Ola, this is a great abstract image, no "leading actor " is required here. The colors and geometry of the scene carries the image for me. I like the faster shutter you used here, it creates a crispness in the water, that for me creates some interesting texture. I also think there is somewhat of an optical illusion effect going on here. The white water looks like it is flowing from left to right, and the green water looks like it is flowing right to left. But in fact I’m not fully sure which is the case. So this optical illusion makes me engage more with the image.

@Igor_Doncov , @Stephen_Stanton, @Kerry_Gordon , @Nick_Becker , @Matt_Lancaster and @Ed_McGuirk thank you very much for your supporting comments. Nick and Matt, I will try around with different cropping of the upper part of the picture. Also checking b&w composition. Ed, the river is floating from right to left!


@Ola_Jovall - If you are looking for some support for your photograph and, perhaps why you were drawn to make it, I would recommend looking at the work of Newfoundland photographer, Ned Pratt. I think Pratt’s work would be damned by most camera clubs for the way his photographs seem to defy the rules of “good” photography - their lack of depth, leading lines, and his refusal to direct the eye. I think his work is wonderful partly because he doesn’t seem to give a damn about “the rules” which I find utterly compelling. It grows on you.