Waterlily + Repost

Leica CL, Zeiss Tele-Tessar 85. I used this lens deliberately, because, although very sharp, it has a bit of a dreamy character close up, which I thought suited the subject well.

Jaap: I don’t recall you posting in Flora so welcome and thanks for a terrific post. Beautiful flower and a fine comp. My tiny suggestions would be to give it a touch more room at the bottom, make the little yellow spot on the right edge and the light spots in the ULC go away and maybe clean up the pads a bit. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more. >=))>

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Lovely waterlily. Good composition, and detail. Cleaning up some of the light spots in the surrounding water is my only suggestion to improve the image. The soft focus is a nice touch.

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This is a nice water lily image Jaapv, and welcome to flora critique. Your lens has served you well, it’s sharp where it needs to be, and the background softness is well handled and pleasingly OOF. The colors and processing of exposure/contrast look good. I agree with the others about cleaning up some of the distracting hot spots in the ULC and LRC. I might also suggest adding some stronger vignetting along the frame edges to draw even more attention to the lily. But these are minor tweaks, overall this a very pleasing image, nicely done on your part.

Thanks. Points taken. It is not really my style, but i did clean up a bit. I don’t think a vignette would work, too artificial, I think de-emphasizing some background sharpness has a better effect.

Jaap: Terrific work on the repost which makes a good image even better. I also edited your title to reflect the repost. It’s always a good idea to let folks know that you’ve made some changes. >=))>