Wave abstracts

Living by the sea (Gower peninsula, Wales) I enjoy standing on the rocks and just watching the waves break. I recently started experimenting with following waves with something like a 1 sec exposure and my 70-200; sweeping the camera along with the break. Most of them are just mush, but every now and again interesting shapes emerge or the wave is just still recognisable (when I’ve paused on the crest itself). Endless fun!


Razor clam


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These are really nice. Wonderful light and tonality.

Nice images @Colin_Jenkins! I’ve tried this a bunch but have yet to capture anything that pleases me. I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with water textures and abstracts. There’s something about water that I just connect with more than any of the other elements or things in nature. It’s something I’m still exploring within.

Thanks for the images!

Nice work. I prefer the second for the colors.

Colin, these images make for a wonderful triptych in my opinion! Your choice of shutter speed, composition and processing are spot on to my eye.


Colin, beautiful collection of wave abstracts. My favorite is the first one, it has a very strong sense of motion, and I love the way the colors came out in it.

Lovely abstracts - hard to choose between “Twirl” and “Razor Calm”, but I think I’d go with Twirl.

Really interesting and great idea. I like them all.

Many thanks for the replies; they are very much appreciated.

I am the same TJ - there is something about water texture that is mesmerising.

And I now know a new word Peter :slight_smile: