"Welcoming The Light" Dolomiti, Italy 2018

Morning light illuminates a summer forest of larches and alpine rhododendrons. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many beautiful forests in the Dolomites. They were the few places I could still find some solitude and silence. You can check out the rest of my new gallery here: www.bennettfilm.com/LatestReleases

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Nice arrangement of trees, flowers and light in this scene EB. You put everything together nicely here.

This is beautiful. Excellent comp with wonderful light and colors. Nice work capturing this Eric.!

Beautiful and peaceful, Eric. You very nicely transmit your mood through the image.

Nice work Eric. I particularly like the way the light acts as a leading line from the lower left to the patch of light by the trees on the back right

Beautiful image Eric!

Thanks a lot, DT! It’s all about finding the right set of trees. This was a spot right next to where I was camping so I got to shoot it for a good hour or so, took me a while to finally dial in the comp.

@Nick_Bristol Thanks a lot, Nick! I just kept playing with different lenses and focal lengths and moved forward and backwards and side to side until it all felt right.

@Harley_Goldman Thanks so much, Harley! Im glad you enjoy it.

@Eugene_Theron Thanks man! Yeah I wanted the light to give the scene a sense of direction.

@James_Johnston Thanks a lot, James!

Eric, I love the lush, rich color and light in this image. Back-lighting like this can produce amazing images, and your processing certainly enhances the already great light here. The magenta rhodora puts this image over the top, what a find !!!