Wet Water Shield

Here’s a rainy day look at the Water Shield that covers some of the ponds at the Patuxent Research Refuge. There is one spent Water Shield bloom. A 4 shot stack for dof. (5D3. 100-400 @ 176, 1/8 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod)


The clarity and details are stunning Mark. I also like the repeating oval pattern.

Wow!! This is gorgeous. I love the colors. It’s interesting how the water is a purple hue. I would get this toning when shooting lily pads in a little man-made pond we had.

P.S. This would make a gloriously evil puzzle.

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I am enjoying the way you filled the frame with these lily pads, Mark. The purple tones compliment the greens beautifully and the rain drops are the icing on the cake for me. This image also has a wonderful crispness to it. I only have two small suggestions: a little crop from the left to get rid of that bit of open water along the edge toward the ULC and # 2would be to clone out that flower? lower left of center. This would make for an awesome puzzle!

Masterfully done technically with great sharpness and good colors. I guess I belong to the old school of thought that a composition like this needs some rhythmic repetition or something to focus on. I think this would make a great background for something. Basically, I find it busy.

To echo others, the technical merits of this scene are brilliant. I agree it is busy, but I like that about the scene. When viewed large I enjoy the way my eyes bounce around the details looking for a pattern. For me it’s all about the water droplets.
I also might look at cloning out the flower.
Wonderful work!

This turned out great, Mark. Great patterns, colors and the droplets are excellent. I would second both of @Ed_Lowe 's suggestions. I am not finding it too busy at all. A lot going on, but that is part of what works for the image.

Mark, I love the water droplets, for me they are the star of this show. I do not find this image too busy at all. In fact I really love that you have two overlapping patterns, one of the drops, and the second of the lily-pads themselves. The crispness of this image, combined with the overlapping patterns keeps me engaged as a viewer. And here is another vote for @Ed_Lowe’s suggestions.

This image is very appealing to me. I like the repeating shapes in the leaves and water drops. Wonderful texture and pattern throughout. The yellow and purple interspersed on the green background of the leaves is nice. The dark water in the gaps between the leaves helps break up the repetition.

Nice focus stack! Well done - almost looks to have had a subtle effect superimposed, an illustrative influence or a pen/ink effect such as Topaz influence (Clarity? Adjust?)?

Anyway, beautifully rendered regarding colors. This is a pattern image/abstract of the “wallpaper” type. Very well done. I agree with cloning out the ?flower. It’s too difficult to discern the nature of this item, but serves almost as a false resting place for the eyes.

Good point. Turn it upside down or left to right and it’s the same image. Rotate clockwise or counter clockwise and it’s the same. Zoom in or zoom out and nothing has changed. Crop to show only the left or any part of the image and everything stays the same.

Wonderful intimate landscape, Mark. The water droplets, shapes, and variegated color of the pads make the image work for me. And the traces of purple enhance it even more. Terrific image.