What did I do now? - Solved!

So for the last day or so images opened in Photoshop don’t look right. The colors are completely wrong - not just my images opened from Lightroom, but ones I download from here to play with.

Probably I’ve done something simple and stupid, but damn if I know what. I’ve looked at color spaces and make sure they match, but this has never seemed to be an issue before, especially when sending an image from Lr to Ps.

Any ideas? It’s probably something simple, but…

Oh and the thumbnails shown on the home page look correct. When I open one it’s all wrong. If you want so see screen captures I can do that. Oy vey.

One more thing…Camera Raw appears to not want to cooperate either. When I can get an image to open in it, the changes I apply don’t show up when I close it and go back to the Ps program. Even as a Smart Object it doesn’t work. However, images look correct when I get them into CR. Baffling to this complete newbie.

Do you use multiple monitors by chance?

Nope…just a single laptop - it’s not new. I made no changes to it and things look fine in Lr.


Somehow under color settings I was on ‘custom’ instead of North American Internet. Oy vey. I don’t have a clue how it got switched, but things seem better now.