What happened to the thumbnails?

So, it’s been a few weeks since my last visit on the site. Upon returning I discovered the thumbnails to the galleries have vanished. Is this new? Did I miss an announcement? Not sure I’ll be browsing much if I have to click on each topic individually. I hope they come back.

@Wade_Thorson. According to another post by @David_Kingham, there is an issue with them at the moment. Here is what he wrote…

I did notice the thumbnail issue and have reported it to the developers, the thumbnails still work if you go to the main page and use Latest or New, they just don’t work in categories for the moment, hope to have a fix very soon!


Those thumbnails are so valuable. I can’t remember the posts just by looking at their titles.

The thumbnails will be coming back, hopefully tomorrow. It’s a temporary glitch that the developers are working on fixing. For the time being the links below still show the thumbnails.


This has been resolved, thank you everyone for your patience!