What the **** is the hurry?

Despite, or even maybe because of, the touch of motion blur on the flying gull I think this one is a keeper.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Leica CL, Sigma 150-600 Sport

Love the tilt on the head of the bird in the water, Jagdeep. He is looking like he’s wondering how the other guy is doing that. Wonderful capture.

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Hi Jaapv
Just when I though Gull were not interesting, you give us the photograph, with really nice head tilt. You might want to look at two thing. The white clipping and lines going through the waves in the background. Interesting shot.

Hi Jaapv, Nice interaction here with the floating bird giving that look to the one in flight. I noticed the hot whites also. Interesting image.

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I’ll have a look into it, I think I have a DR reserve there - but gulls tend to be white :grinning:

I like the light and interaction of the birds and the title fits nicely. If I had any change to suggest it would be to move the subjects more to the right of the image to give the flying bird more room to move through the image.

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