Wheat Arch

During my morning dog walks I sometimes take my camera and this particular day the early morning dew combined with golden hour light I found quite beautiful. The structure and design of Nature fascinates me, as the arch helps to support the weight and also brings out beautiful details of the structures’ design.

Specific Feedback Requested

I am open to any and all especially if you feel I should have included more of the wheat or this works for you?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Hand held focus stack 8 images in PS, Olympus OMD EM5 MarkIII / Olympus Zukio Macro 60MM /f2.8 / ISO800 / 1/250 sec S

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It’s a beautiful shot Ken, I do feel a bit cheated that I can’t see the whole seed head. The light sure is pretty though.


Welcome back Ken. This absolutely rocks. I wouldn’t change a thing. Awesome.

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Thank you. I am splitting time taking care of my ill wife, work, and photography is my therapy so I will be hit and miss for a while.

Thanks for your feedback! I knew I had to attempt to capture that light.

A beautiful image of this wheat head, Ken. While it might have been interesting to have the entire head in the image, this works well.

I’m not Sue why this ended up in Human and Fauna, since it’s a classic Flora image. I’ll move it to that forum.

Well now that’s a comeback. I hope your wife is not permanently ill and will recover. It’s hard and can be draining, so take breaks when you can.

I really like this shot for the reasons you do - the structure and intricacy of the seeds is really mesmerizing. The little bits hanging down are a nice feature, too. Enlarged it seems to suffer from oversharpening - there are some halos around the vertical bits that look odd. I’d also reduce the brightness of the OOF one in the far left. Colors look great - vibrant and cool, not something typically associated with wheat (those amber fields you know). I think it works well without showing all of the seed head, but maybe a touch more canvas at the top wouldn’t go amiss. Fabulous!

A wonderful catch with gorgeous colors! I love the soft blue-greens. Fantastic that you were able to stack to get it all in focus. I’d agree that a bit more on top would be nice, but I think the framing otherwise is wonderful. Of course, a different version with all the head could be great, too.

I’d consider trying to remove the lighter areas near the LL corner and smoothing out the darker areas below the arch.

Very nice.

Grasses are woefully overlooked, and the agricultural varieties are beautiful in structure and rich in color.

My only wish is to see the whole of the arch.

The stamens hanging down add information to the image. Grasses are flowering plants, and the yellow pendants are covered with pollen that will be wafted by wind and end up pollinating adjacent plants - as well as ending up in our eyes and noses.


Very much like the comp and the sharp/OOF contrast. This seems like it might have monochrome potential too.

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