Wherein Kris begs a favor

Hi Peeps -

I usually don’t submit my photos to contests, but this year I did and this one of the Prairie River is a finalist for the People’s Choice award.

So you know what that means…people gotta make a choice.

I’d really appreciate it if you’d cast your vote for my picture. Thanks a ton!!


A great image, Kris. I have now voted!

Aww, thanks Ola. I really appreciate it.

Done. Oh, my reply must be 10 characters…

Done! Good luck Kris!

Kris, this is a wonderful image and is a winner no matter what. I cast my vote just now too. It’s already an honor being part of the group of finalists. The best of luck to you… :+1:

Hi Kris, I just voted for your image and honestly it deserves to win because I really think it is the best.

you have my vote

You’ve got my vote, Kris! Really beautiful photo, BTW!

Done! Beautiful image. Let us know the winner! Good luck!

Thanks everyone! Every little bit helps. I’ll know in February.

Beautiful picture, Kris. I voted.

Thanks Shirley, I appreciate it. Am hopeful that I stand a chance. Not just by ballot-box stuffing, but by merit, too.

What is not to love about this beautiful scene, Kris? Happy to cast my vote for you. Best of luck.

Aye, here.

You’ve got my vote Kristen. A lovely photo.

Done. What a great way to promote the beauty of Wisconsin! Nice job.

Thanks peeps. Every little bit helps. I’ve never done this before and am a little nervous.

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You got my vote too. Great image.

Its a beautiful scene Kris. I like that silky flowing water and the lightness of the scene. I voted for you!