Where's Waldo?

Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 200, 1/13 @ f16
This is my favorite of Chrissy’s roses. Right at sunset the light hits it just right to bring out its warm colors. I’ve been watching it open for a few days and got the bonus of this little beetle nestling in for the night. It’s been there three days running so maybe this is home. All comments welcome. >=))>

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What a nice shot, Bill. That little beetle really is a nice addition to this already beautiful image. I can sure see why this rose is your favorite. Gorgeous. Question, have you named the beetle yet, since he has taken up residence in your favorite rose, he seems to be a pet! :grinning: Great shot, one worthy of printing and hanging.

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Really nice soft warm light. It shows off the subtle grading of colors of the rose. And the beetle adds a nice focal point for the photo. It looks like more roses on the way. Very nice.

His last name is Bailey :wink:

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Beetle Bailey, that’s a good name! :grinning:

Wonderful, great colors and detail! The beetle is a great touch!

Wonderful details and color Bill. The small insect is a good reference of the size of the flower when compared to the insect

A beautiful rose with subtle colors. Nice light and details. Background is nice and makes the flower pop up.

Bill, the glow here is awesome. It really lets all the subtle colors in the flower show beautifully. The addition of the buds, stem and leaf work very well also. The Beetle Bailey is a fun addition.