Whimbrels at the Beach (I guess that’s where you usually find them!) & recrop!

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 800
Pano crop,

Interesting to see a group of them like this, Vanessa. I’ve usually seen them pretty solitary. The birds seem a bit soft like the focus may have been off a trifle. If you have a pack or coat you can balance your camera on it as a substitute for a beanbag or tripod and get a bit more stability for the shot. In terms of composition, I think you could stand to trim some more off the left to decenter the birds just a bit more.

Hi Vanessa
I can see were you going with summer beach scene. It does bring me back summer. maybe just a very little of the left.

Good job on this environmental shot. I like the unusual grouping of Whimbrels and the setting. Agree with others about the crop.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback @Dennis_Plank @peter @David_Schoen, I didn’t really want to crop it more because I liked the ocean waves in it. There were a few groups of them in different places. Maybe a family? This was taken end of last month, April. So I’m not sure what they do that time of year! Here’s the crop I think you all are suggesting, let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

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I like this crop, Vanessa. You could have left a bit more of the wave on the left, but this works well and the wave that’s there indicates the state of the surf pretty well.

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Hi Vanessa, I like the repost with the birds decentered and still seeing a good bit of the surf. Very nice environmental shot. Sharpness looks fine to me.

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Thanks, Allen! Glad you like it! @Allen_Sparks

Thanks, Dennis! @Dennis_Plank Yeah after I cropped it I was kind of surprised that there still was a pretty good amount of the waves there still!